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Pet shipping detailsPet shipping details

According to USDA regulations, transported pets must have adequate room to sit up, turn around and lay down in their natural position. When estimating the size of the kennel needed for your pet, please add at least 6 inches to the length and height of your pet.

Pet kennel sizesIf, prior to transport, our driver determines that a larger kennel size is required to accommodate your pet, you will be charged for the upgrade to a larger kennel. What is the right kennel size?

The comfort of transported animals is We Move Pets' primary concern.

Departure and Arrival

Pet owners' contact information is required while we transport your animalWe Move Pets must be able to contact responsible parties at the scheduled departure and arrival times and places. For this reason, we require 2 contact names, phone numbers, and addresses for both the sender and receiver (see transport agreement).

Please sign the Pet Shipping Agreement form and fax it to us at (979) 589-1744, or we can pick it up when we arrive to pick up your pet(s).

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