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Pet Emergency Care formPet Emergency Care form

We will have this form available for a signature when we pick up your pet(s).

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Client's Name:_______________________________________________________


Phone #:______________________________ Phone # 2:_____________________

Description of pet(s):___________________________________________________



Pet's Name(s):________________________________________________________

In the event the above described pet(s) should become ill or injured and should require
veterinary care, I, __________________________, as the responsible party, do authorize
ATS Pets to take the pet(s) to a licensed veterinarian for treatment. I will take full
financial responsibility for all bills incurred not to exceed $___________________________.

If ATS Pets is unable to reach me, I authorize them to make any emergency
decision they deem necessary for the well being of the pet(s).

By signing below, I certify that I have read and understand this document. I agree to hold
ATS Pets harmless for any illness or injury of my pet incurred during or after the
transport of my pet.

Client Name:_________________________________ Date:______________________

We will have this form available for a signature when we pick up your pet(s).

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