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Pet travel: kennel sizes, transportation rates and paymentPet travel: kennel sizes, transportation rates and payment

Choosing the right size of kennel is very important for the comfort of your pet; the section below helps you determine the best dimensions for your pet. You will next find a breakdown of pet shipping rates, by size.

Kennel Sizes

According to USDA regulations, pets must have adequate room to sit up, turn around and lay down in their natural position. When estimating the size of the kennel needed for your pet, please add at least 6 inches to the length and height of your pet.

If, prior to transporting an animal, our driver determines that a larger kennel size is required to accommodate your pet, you will be charged for the upgrade to a larger kennel. Your pet's comfort is our primary concern.

Rates and Payment

Pet transportation rates depend on the size of the animal. We Move Pets also can provide private pet shipping upon request: please contact us for details.

Please call us toll free for more information: 1 (866) 269-5099 ~

Discounted rates are available to military personnel, animal rescues, and round-trip bookings. To reserve a completely private transport, calculate $ 1.33 per mile, including mileage from Brenham, Texas to the pickup location, then from the pickup location to the dropoff location, then from the dropoff location back to Brenham, Texas.

Depending on the scheduling urgency, we will give discounts for multiple pets. There will be a fuel surcharge for trips over 500 miles. The above rates are for reference only, and are subject to change. You will receive an email invoice with the final price, which will include charges for any special needs and will reflect the trip length and specific size of your pet.

You may pay online with a credit card or mail a cashiers check or money order if time permits. Payment is required before pick up.

We Move Pets, LLC
15974 Wilson Pasture Rd.
Bryan, TX 77808

We give discounts to clients transporting more than two pets and all members of the US military with an added huge thank you for your service.

Private transport available upon request: contact us.

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