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Pet shipping resourcesPet shipping resources

This section will help you determine the company best suited to transport your pets safely, timely, and kindly. Start by reading Picking a pet transporter, a checklist outlining questions to ask pet transporting companies you consider.

For pet transport information more directly connected to ATS Pets, please see our Pet relocation: information and FAQ's: this section covers trip preparation for traveling pets, as well as information on cat moving, kitten relocation, dog shipping, and puppy transportation. For all other questions about pet transport, please email us.

Air Travel and Pets

ATS Pets - pet shipping and relocation servicesBefore considering to ship your pets by air, make sure to learn why the ASPCA recommends shipping pets by ground whenever possible.

Several resources, not cited on this section, can also easily be found online to show the rate of deaths associated with shipping pets by air.

Articles on Pet Moving and Transportation

Articles on pet transportation, shipping and relocationOur Pet moving articles include some tips about pet shipping, applicable not only to dogs and cats, but all kinds of other domestic animals. These pet shipping resources include finding pet-friendly hotel, pieces of advice and cautionary tales from on pet transportation and relocation…

As we come across more helpful articles on pet relocation, we will update this section; feel free to share information on pet moving useful to pet owners by emailing us.

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