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Here is a 2008 article about ATS Pets, and our pet moving and transportation services, published in the Florida Times Union. (Original article)

Another world: There are some unique businesses in the pet world. I was contacted by a reader who introduced me to Cissy Renfroe, who, with her parents, operates a pet moving business out of Texas called Yes, pet moving.

Besides the obvious dogs and cats, she has transported snakes, birds, fish in aquariums, an 8-foot iguana and even a pot bellied pig named Prima Donna, who apparently lived up to her name. Renfroe has declined to transport only twice. She refused to deliver a giant rat to a man's ex-girlfriend. And she wouldn't transport a skunk that still had its glands intact. Also, the company has a no-spiders (i.e.: tarantulas) policy.

Because of the dangers to animals involved in air travel, and Renfroe said there are more than you would imagine, there is a big demand for her services.

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