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We Move Pets is a family-owned pet shipping company Welcome! ATS Pets, LLC is a family-owned pet shipping company that has grown out of love for our pets. We have a large "animal family" of our own (cats and dogs), and we know how much your beloved pets mean to you! Read more about ATS Pets…

We understand the importance of feeling absolutely comfortable with the welfare of your dear pets when shopping for pet shipping services. We provide the extra care every pet deserves to make his or her trip as comfortable and stress-free as possible: see some pet owner testimonials.

How does pet shipping work? How does pet shipping work?

We Move Pets is a USDA-License pet transportation companyWhy choose We Move Pets for your animal transportation needs? Why choose ATS Pets for pet shipping and transportation?

Frequent questions on pet shipping and animal transportation FAQ's on animal shipping, moving and travel

We schedule transportation around the needs of your pets. Our pet drivers only transport a manageable number of animals at any given time, and are on constant call while transporting pets. Call for a live update on the progress of your pet's travel (we ship dogs, cats, birds, reptiles…)

We Move Pets' transportation services

The USDA mandates that traveling pets must have adequate room to sit up, turn around and lay down in their natural position.

ATS Pets is USDA-approved to transport pets throughout the continental United States.

Why choose We Move Pets for your pet shipping needs
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  • Besides cats, dogs and birds, do you transport exotic animals?
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ATS Pets: Pet Shipping and Pet Transportation Since 2005

The van We Move Pets uses to transport cats, dogs and other domestic animals! Our ground pet shipping services cover the continental United States, door to door and coast to coast. We provide pet transportation for many domestic animals: dog moving, cat shipping, rabbit transport, bird travel or reptile transportation, you name it… Please contact us with any questions on pet relocation. If your pet is in transit with us, get a real time update of your animal's location on our pet tracking page. Our Pet Transportation Services page describes the details of ground shipping your pets within the continental US.

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