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Cat MovingCat Moving

Cats and kittens transport Arranging Cat Transportation Services Through ATS Pets — When it comes to cat transportation providers, ATS Pets is the ideal choice. As cat movers, we provide the royal treatment your cat deserves to make the journey comfortable, and most importantly, stress-free.

ATS Pets specializes in expedient cat transportation services, including kittens older than 8 weeks, so your cat's moving experience will be a pleasant one. Your cat will be placed in a large kennel with comfy bedding, litter box, bottled water and food, with plenty of room.

Private Pet Shipping For Your Cat

Private cat moving At ATS Pets, we listen to pet owners: private pet shipping services have frequently been requested. Now you can have your cat transported in our van without any other pets! If your cat is very shy, does not react well to contact with other pets, or simply if you want to give your pet the best pet shipping service money can buy, our private transport services are the right fit for you. Learn more about our private pet shipping services.

Choose a Trustworthy Cat Mover - Choose ATS Pets

Before choosing a cat transportation company to handle your pet relocation services, remember that your cat is an important member within your family - so why not choose a trustworthy cat mover? Our cat relocation specialists are experienced and knowledgeable. Rest assured all the requests will be met and exceeded to make your cat's journey pleasurable and free of all stress. We clean litter boxes and bedding at least once a day. A clean cat is a happy cat.

Hassle-free Cat Transportation

Why must pet relocation be such a hassle? With ATS Pets, it's not. Our cat transportation services are smooth, which is why many individuals who are relocating select us to be their official cat mover. At ATS Pets, our cat mover experts will successfully meet all of your pet shipping, pet relocation, and pet transportation needs and expectations.

At ATS Pets, we're cat people, and we recognize that every cat is an individual. We listen carefully to what you, the owner says, about your cat's personality and we act accordingly. We give your cat as much cuddling as desired… Some want much - some want none. Some are afraid of travel and others love to take a ride in the car. No matter what type of personality your cat has, we will make sure to give them the same love and respect they receive from you.

The van used by ATS Pets is specially accomodated with crates and kennels of all sizes for pet transport, and we move your cat (and kittens) by ground, anywhere within the continental United States.

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