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New York Pet shipping, moving and transportationNew York Pet shipping, moving and transportation

New York Pets Transportation ServicesATS Pets offers pets transportation and animals shipping services in and around New York (NY) ATS Pets is USDA-licensed, and our professional drivers ensure comfortable and safe ground transportation for your pets. Whether you need your pet shipped to or from New York.

Make sure to select a USDA-licensed pets transportation company: USDA-licensed animals relocation services meet a high level of comfort for your pets other pets transporters cannot guarantee. For the safety of your pet, only choose a USDA-licensed pet transporters. Download our free Pets Transportation Tips Sheet (PDF).

New York pets shipping and animal relocation services

New York is a state with a wide range of flavors, from the beautiful rural countryside to the exciting cities that have anything one could even imagine. Our drivers have learned to find the pet friendly rest areas as well as how to best maneuver the busy city traffic.. We have designed our facilities to deal with the snow and ice that sometimes comes with the New York winters and also keep the passengers cool in the summers.

Our transport vans are climatized and equipped with a separate generator on the back so that transported pets are guaranteed comfort throughout their transportation to or from New York. Our animal transporters are familiar with New York, and transported animals take a rest with the drivers every evening, in or around New York.

Our drivers exercise and potty your dogs three to four times per day and keep all our animals' crates spotless, well watered and comfortable.

Transporting Your Pet To or From New York

Scheduling a pet pickup from New York to any state in the contiguous United States can easily be done by contacting us at 1-866-269-5099 or by emailing us. We also provide a contact form that you can fill in and submit. This form gives us all the information we require for your transport.

Geriatric pets or puppies, 8 weeks or older are welcome.

New York Pets Transportation Rates

The cost of shipping your pets from or to New York depends on your pet's size (see size and rate chart) and on the pet relocation distance to be traveled.. The first 500 miles from New York are included in the price.

Contact ATS Pets today to schedule a pet pickup to or from New York.

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