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Florida Pet shipping, moving and transportationFlorida Pet shipping, moving and transportation

Florida Pets Transportation Services Florida (FL) is within ATS Pets service area for pet transportation and animal shipping services. We are a USDA licensed pet transport servicing the state of Florida. Safe and comfortable ground pet transportation is delivered time and time again by our professional drivers, and can assist you in shipping your pet to or from Florida.

When selecting a pet transportation company that serves the state of Florida, make sure to choose a USDA-licensed pet transport company, which ensures our services meet the highest level of standards for your animals that most pet shipping companies can't guarantee. We cannot stress enough that for the safety of your beloved pet, only trust your animal in the hands of a USDA-licensed pet mover. Before signing your pet up for travel, read our Pet Transportation Tips Sheet. It can help you decide on a pet shipping company for not only Florida, but the rest of the continental US as well.

Florida Pet Shipping and Animal Relocation Services

We often visit Florida, whether it be delivery, pick-up, or simply driving through on the way to another client. Our drivers have become quite familiar with the highways in Florida, and have taken note of the pet friendly rest areas. No matter the outside temperature, the vans your pets are transported in are climatized and fully equipped with an entire separate generator in the back to guarantee your pets comfort throughout their journey to or from the state of Florida.

The drivers taking care of your pets potty and exercise the dogs three to four times a day, and keep your pets' crates spotless, comfortable, and well watered.

Transporting Your Pet To or From Florida (FL)

If you are interested in scheduling a pickup for your pet from Florida to any state in the continental US, call us today at 1-866-269-5099 or send us an email. You may also choose to fill out our contact form and submit it to us. The information you provide on that form is everything we need to move your pet to or from Florida.

It doesn't matter if your pets are older, or still puppies and kittens, animals over 8 weeks old are welcome.

Florida Pets Transportation Rates

The costs associated with moving your pet to or from Florida (FL) varies depending on the size of your pet and the distance you plan to ship them. Please refer to our Pet Transportation Size and Rate Chart for further information, however the first 500 miles from Florida come packaged with the base rate.

Contact ATS Pets today and schedule your pickup or delivery in Florida.

Pet Shipping Services in the Continental United States

Pet shipping, relocation and transportation in the continental United StatesATS Pets provides pet shipping and relocation services in all 48 states, ground shipping your pets to or from any state. Please click your state for specifics and pet transport tips…

These are only some of the states where ATS Pets commonly picks up or delivers pets: we provide pet moving services in all the continental United States.

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