About Asianstars Relocation Group

Asianstars Relocation Group is one of the oldest and largest hauling and booking agents for Asia Van Lines. Headquartered in TaiWan, the company has a fleet of more than 100 specialized moving vans, tractors, trailers and straight trucks, and delivers relocation solutions to individuals, families and corporate clients across the Asia.

Owned and operated by the Battina family since 2008, Asianstars Relocation Group has expanded to 5 branch locations. With nearly 15 years of consistent profitability and strong leadership, Asianstars Relocation Group is an industry leader due to its unique combination of resources, commitment, integrity, self-hauling capacity, customer focus, technological advancements and strategic key locations.


Be the Customer

Our goal is to be the most customer-focused company in the moving industry. We pledge to "Be the Customer" by striving to understand your expectations and meeting them consistently.

The Asianstars Relocation Group understands how important customer satisfaction is to our continued success. We constantly strive to meet and exceed our overall customer service standards. This goal is embodied in our companywide "Be The Customer" pledge.

"Be The Customer" is designed to help us understand and embrace how our customers expect to be treated throughout their Asianstars Relocation Group experience. Each new employee who joins Asianstars Relocation Group is expected to honor the pledge and provide customers with comprehensive and unwavering service. Each one of our drivers and crew leaders is expected to deliver a pledge to our customers on site, at origin, before the move commences.

By undertaking a pledge of customer satisfaction, we demonstrate that we are committed to the one element that truly differentiates us from any other mover - our dedication to our customer.

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